Sleep, Old Friend
and dream your dream.
You deserve the rest.
You never complained,
even when you ate that bee
I can still see that swollen tongue
the stinger in the middle.
Mommy never let you outside afterward
unless she could see you, then it was alright.

Sleep Old Friend
and dream your dream.
For 17 years you graced our lives.
It seems like only seconds have passed
since I first chose you.
You brothers and sisters climbing over each other
to be the one picked, and you
aloof and unimpressed, alone in the corner.
You held your head up like a Lady.
and so you were and you were the One.
But you were treated as a Queen and one of the family.

Sleep, Old Friend
and dream you final dream.
One of love and devotion
One of loyalty and selflessness.
You will never be forgotten or misplaced
in some deep recess of our minds
But in the forefront of our remembrances, in joy.
So you live on forever. In our hearts and those of
our children--and their children--and their children's
children, forever.

Sleep, old friend

J. Steven Kubo
Nancy Kubo
Shawn Torres
Rebecca Self

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