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bulletASPCA American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
bullet"So Hard to say Goodbye" (beautiful song), and PET TALES CD (narrated touching stories)
bullet The 50 top rated dog sites
bullet Planet Pets rescue agency listing; comprehensive by state
bullet Petscriptions - If you are buying your pet medications at your vet, you are paying too much. If you have multiple animals like I do, you are paying MUCH too much.
bullet Healthypooch.com - Quality pet products, including a lot of all-natural products for your pets.
bullet Animal Den - Animal Lovers Gift Shop. The thing I like most about this site is they have pretty much every breed of dog listed, to than search for particular products (click St Bernard, than see bowls, calendars, coasters, etc.). Also, cats, reptiles, fish, etc.
bulletActiveK9 is your source for dog toys, crates, treats, beds, collars and more. With free shipping.
bulletDogToys.com - Celebrating 35 dog years online! - The Grand Daddy of online pet stores. DogToys.com brings 7 years of online customer service experience and first quality products.
bullet SitStay.com - Large variety of dog supplies, goodies, gifts, information, fun stuff, etc. More importantly, they donate a portion of their proceeds to canine rescue agencies.

PETsMART is certainly one of the leading suppliers in the industry, now available online from the comfort of your home!

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Dr. Dog Health Care and Pet Mart


If you are considering getting a dog, and you want a specific breed, whether rare or not, you WILL find it at petfinder.org. This shows that you DON'T have to go to the pet shop and pay hundreds for that puppy, when there are so many homeless cuties out there just waiting for a loving home.

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