It was a Friday, and I was going to volunteer at the dog pound. Well, I walked in and there she was. The most beautiful dog I had ever seen. Half German Shepherd, half Doberman Pincher. She was about three months old and went by the name Lucy. She had been found with her tail bloody and raw. Some un-kind human being had wrapped a rubber band so tightly around her tail it had partly fallen off. She was so innocent looking and from that moment I was hooked.

Two weeks of begging and finally my parents gave in although they still had their regrets because we already had two dogs and several cats. That regret disappeared as time progressed and they saw what a difference she made for me. She brought such joy into my life I could never repay her for all she did. She was my shadow and I hardly went anywhere without her. Then one day in mid February, it happened. What every pet owner fears. My baby left me physically. She was chasing one of my other dogs and was struck by a car. It was my brother who found her, we had been searching for her because she and her sister had decided to go for a walk without us and dashed out the door. He came running up to my mother and I yelling " She's been hit!!! She's been hit!!!"

My first response was "Who?" and those words hit my ear, my world stopped, my heart froze, and my life came crashing down. It was Lucy, my beloved, my baby. It was only a month until her first birthday. Surely she'd be okay and she'd celebrate it with me. How wrong I was. My mom had not allowed me to come to the vet because she knew what a wreck I would be. I had to go home.

I decided to walk Pebbles, another of my dogs. We were walking on a very familiar path. Lucy and I had walked it every day for the past two months. It was me and Lucy's path and it was dark outside. I gazed at the stars and then, my dad drove up. I got in the car and we were heading to the vet's. I asked if my mom had held her yet, and that's when he told me. She hadn't lived, we wouldn't be celebrating her first birthday together physically, I just couldn't believe it, I was in total shock.

I ran into the vet's and hugged her. I'll never forget how she looked, barely cut couldn't possibly be dead. But she was. And as far as I was concerned so was I. I just sat there and petted her for what seemed like hours. I thought if I just kept petting her she wouldn't leave me, but she did. I wasn't myself for months. I missed her too much and needed something to come home to. Although I had other dogs it wasn't the same. One was my dad's and the other was my little brothers and neither of them felt the same when I held them. I didn't have the sense of security I had had when I held my baby. I would never be the same. It has been about a year and a half since that faithful day and I'll never forget it.

Nicki Christensen

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