Letter From The Bridge

A Letter From The Bridge

By John Meissner

Good Morning Johnny,

I hope you slept well. I had a dream last night. I dreamed you
and I were at the beach together. I was walking across the sand,
going right up to the water's edge, having fun like I always did.
And, there you were, too. You had that look on your face like
you always did, that said how much you loved me,
how proud of me you were. It made me feel so special.
Then, you reached down, petted me, picked me up, kissed me,
and I kissed you back. You put me down and we headed home,
you in the lead, me right behind you. I even ran a little bit.
Then, I woke up. I thought-"What a wonderful dream-it felt so
real, it was just like being back home with you!"
Johnny, I so love it here at the bridge. I get to play with Sandy, Pal, Mutt
and Boomer. I've even met some new friends, really neat dogs
named Kasey, Spunkie, T-Ball, Sharpy and Candy, you'd love 'em!
I've even seen Snowball the White Kitty. It's so good to see
her and all my other friends again. We run all day in the cool,
green grass, (Remember how I liked to run full speed into the
tall grass, then do a flop and slide on my belly?)
we eat good food and drink cool water, (I still love my chicken
dog food with Gerber's Vegetable Bacon on top!) we lay under the
shady trees and just enjoy being with each other.
But you know what the highlight of our days here is?
It's whenever one of our humans comes to get us. It
happened just yesterday, it was so cool.
A bunch of us were eating lunch, when this one little dog stopped
eating, looked up, then ran really, really fast over to the bridge,
skidding to a stop, as a figure appeared out of the mist.
You never saw so much happiness! Kisses, pets, tail wagging,
we were all so happy for our friend. As they disappeared over
the hill together, it made me wish for you to come get me all the more.
But, Johnny, you take your time.
I know you have more to do before you come for me.
Your friends and family need you. And, of course,
Meggie needs you most. She's so cute, she even looks like me.
Just remember to be a bit patient with her. After all, remember how I
liked to chew when I was a puppy?
Hold her, love her and be close to her, like you were with me.
Those are my most precious memories of my time with you
on earth, the love we shared with each other.
Well, Johnny, it's time to go now.
A bunch of us are going to go run over the hill and
play in the tall grass before lunch.
Don't be sad, keep me close to your heart until it's your
time to come get me. That way, we'll never be apart.
Thanks for being my human, I love you so much and can't wait
to see you again!
As always, your loving fluffy puppy, silly Willy, super gooby
and Joy boy,


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